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Summer 2022

Kansas Association of Mappers

Volume 36, #2

By Tyler Fleming, GISP

Have you ever experienced a technical problem or you’re just not sure how to handle a scenario specific to mapping in Kansas, and you’re not sure who to ask or where to look for help?

I suggest starting with the KAM Forum! At https://www.kansasmappers.org/ locate the Networking drop down menu, then find “KAM FORUM” which is the forth option down from the top. Here you’ll find a variety of topics with various replies and solutions.

If you have a new topic in mind, you’ll need to Log In to the website before the green “Create topic” button is available. It’s that easy!

The KAM Forum is great not only to ask questions and learn different solutions, but it is a great way to network and learn who out there might be doing things similar to what you’re accomplishing. I hope this helps!

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Exhibitor Registration
By Tyler Fleming, GISP

Please join us for the 37th annual Kansas Association of Mappers conference which attracts State, City, County, private, and other groups and organizations of the GIS and Mapping profession throughout the Sunflower State. Our conference this year is held October 18th – 21st at Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan, KS.

Register at https://www.kansasmappers.org/exhibitors

Contact KAM by email at kamappers@gmail.com if you have any questions.

  • All items included below with Standard Exhibit Level Sponsorship in addition to:
  • (2) Complimentary booth representatives (total)
  • Acknowledgement on sponsorship signage
  • (1) 5 -minute talk during lightning talk session
  • Attendee list provided prior to and following the conference.
  • Acknowledgement on sponsorship signage
  • (1) 5 -minute talk during lightning talk session to be done virtually and/or a virtual session
  • Acknowledgement on the conference web page / conference program
  • Attendee list provided prior to and following the conference.
  • 8x10 exhibit area to include (1) 6ft skirted table and (2) chairs.
  • (1) Complimentary booth representative
  • Acknowledgement on the conference web page / conference program
  • 10-minute company/product presentation during the Exhibitor Reception
  • Attendee list to be supplied following the conference.
  • Acknowledgement on exhibitor signage
  • Acknowledgement on the conference web page / conference program
  • Sponsor refreshments at break times or happy hour.
  • Acknowledgement on the conference web page
  • Acknowledgement on sponsorship signage
  • (1) 5 -minute talk during lightning talk session

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Annual Map Gallery
By Lee Allen, GISP

Share your work in the Annual Map Gallery!

KAM sponsors a Map Gallery during its annual conference. KAM members are strongly encouraged to submit samples of their best work and be recognized for them. At the end of the conference, awards will be given based on a popular vote of the membership: 1st - 3rd for the best printed masterpiece and 1st - 3rd for the best digital masterpiece. The winners will be presented an award trophy, recognized during the closing business meeting, and have their names added to the Awards Gallery on the KAM website. In addition, all entries submitted by October 1st will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card!

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John Cowan Scholarship Winner Announced

Congratulations to the 2022 recipient of the John Cowan Memorial Scholarship in geography, which was awarded to Kenneth Ekpetere from the University of Kansas! Kenneth just completed his master’s degree through the KU Geography Atmospheric Science program. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this scholar!

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President's Corner: Halfway!
By Amy Roust, GISP

Summer is upon us, which means that we have passed the halfway point since board members were sworn in and committees were formed for 2022. I am grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm and continued work to develop opportunities for our members and friends in the geospatial community. There is nothing halfway about anyone’s efforts to date!

But what about you, dear reader? Are you only halfway benefitting from all that KAM has to offer? Let’s find out:

1. Did you attend the Lunch and Learns? It’s not too late. Check out recordings of any session that you missed at https://kansasmappers.org/lunch-and-learn.

2. Are you taking advantage of your membership discount to take a non-conference class? Check out what’s yet to come at https://kansasmappers.org/class-schedule. (Pro tip: you’ll save money if you join KAM before registering for a class. The cost of membership plus the cost of a class combined is LESS than taking the class as a non-member!).

3. Are you worthy of an award? We give out four very nice trophies to deserving members just like you who have excelled in their work during the past year. Nudge a friend or colleague to nominate you at https://www.kansasmappers.org/Award-Nominations. (Psst: non-KAM members can nominate you for an award! Only the winners are required to be members.)

4. Speaking of nominations, have you thought about running for the executive board? If you’re waiting for someone to ask you to serve, here I am! If you’re reading this and are a current KAM member, I want you to run! Serving on the Executive Board is an excellent way to get to know your peers across the state without having to travel.

5. Have you blocked off the annual conference on your calendar? We’d love to see you October 18-21 in Manhattan! Members say that networking at the annual conference is the top benefit of being involved in KAM, so you don’t want to miss out!

6. Even better, submit a conference abstract at https://www.kansasmappers.org/SubmitPresentation and share one of your organization’s mapping stories. (Need points for your GISP or other professional designation? This is a great way to earn them!) 

7. Want to learn something new but finding yourself a bit short on cash? Apply for an Education Grant and take that class or buy that book! Visit https://www.kansasmappers.org/educationgrant for details on how to get up to $1,000 in support from KAM.

I’ve probably only gone halfway in listing the benefits of KAM, so I encourage you to visit our website or reach out to a board member to learn more. As with most things, you get out of KAM what you put into it. Take a few minutes to learn more and maximize your benefits before another year slips by.

In other news, I am pleased to welcome Wendy Duncan from Miami County as a director on the Executive Board. Wendy was appointed to fill the vacancy left by Christian Kennedy, who had to resign because of changes in job responsibilities. Wendy will serve out the remainder of Christian’s term, which ends in October 2022.

As always, I invite you to participate in any KAM goings on that hold your interest! Please reach out if you have any questions about how to get involved.

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KAM 37th Annual Conference 
By Pam Dunham, KAM Program Committee Chair

KAM 2022: “Treasure our roots, map the future” is shaping up to be a conference you will not want to miss. This year’s focus will be on where KAM has come as an association and where we are going. As you will recall we ended last year’s conference with a great work session on what KAM has to offer and what you would like to see from the association. We are incorporating many of your ideas!

Remember, our association is only as strong as our members!

To make this year successful – we need two things…..

1. Your attendance! Registration is open “Register Now”

a. Early bird registration is open

b. Options for single day or full conference available

c. Pre-conference workshops are a separate registration on the Pre-Conference Page

2. Session presenters! We have new members that can benefit from your experience. Registration is open “Present at KAM

a. What are you working on in your organization?

b. Have you learned a new skill that you are willing to share?

c. Do you have a short-cut that you would be willing to share?

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Upcoming Events

Intermediate Arcade

July 21, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

$75 members/ $125 non-members, Register Here

This half-day workshop is designed to build upon the skills presented in Introduction to Arcade. Students should have a working knowledge of Arcade, including global variables, functions, and declaring variables. Exercises include: blending Arcade into HTML and CSS to make pop-ups change dynamically; using geometry-based functions to compare feature layers; and tightening code by nesting functions.

Graphic Design for Mapping Professionals

August 19

$125 KAM Members / $175 Non-KAM Members

Jared Tremblay and Will Trimble will provide hands-on instruction with Inkscape and Gimp, two open-source graphic design softwares. In the afternoon, Kent Smith from the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Design will share tips and tricks for sharing data in both accurate and aesthetically pleasing ways.

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