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Data 4 Ways: Green Apple Bikes: GPS Tracking

Jared Tremblay, Flint Hills MPO

Data 4 Ways mapManhattan's free bike share program, Green Apple Bikes (GAB), has many positives. However, tracking of the bikes has been impossible due to the lack of technology on the bikes. The FHMPO partners with GAB to purchase GPS devices and a tracking system. Over the course of 30 days GPS was used to track 2 bikes. The maps here represent just one bike's movements. Note that this data is for when the bike was being ridden only; speed data was used to remove locations where the bike was travelling over 15mph. The four maps attached all show the same data in four different formats, ranging from simple plotting of all points, transparency, aggregated total by line segment, and heat map.

City of Manhattan Bake Map and Trail Guide

Jared Tremblay, Flint Hills MPO

Manhattan Bike and Trail Map

The Flint Hills MPO was allowed to alter the existing City of Manhattan bike map in hopes of creating an easier to read map that highlighted the cycling network allowing for users to more easily navigate Manhattan. The map was made entirely using Inkscape. The process began by taking an exported street layer map from ArcMap and importing it into Inkscape. Then the road network was drawn by hand in Inkscape. Additional layers of the map included background (rivers, parks, business districts, etc), bike infrastructure, points of interest, and labels etc. This process allowed for skewing and stylizing to aid in ease of use and aesthetics. In addition, the back of the map features a Trails Guide, which previously was printed separately by Parks and Rec. By combining the Bike Map and Trail Guide, money was saved, as well as consolidation of overlapping assets/interests.

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