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Submitted by: Amy Roust, Douglas County

Story map link: http://arcg.is/1aKWjX

In May 2018, partners across Kansas hosted the Harvesting Opportunity in Kansas Symposium at the University of Kansas School of Business. 150+ farmers, bankers, economic development professionals, extension professionals, and community development advocates gathered to learn, share, and discuss a key idea: How can we build true community wealth in Kansas through food and farming? This story map summarizes the event highlights and provides links to all of the meeting materials, including videos, presentation slides, and books.

A collaborative team made up of former and current Douglas County staff brought this story map to fruition. Content was provided by Kansas Rep. Eileen Horn (D-Lawrence); Sustainability and Food Systmems Planner for Douglas County Helen Schnoes, AICP; and Douglas County Sustainability Director Jasmin Moore. Senior GIS Analyst for Douglas County Amy Roust, GISP, built the story map using the content provided by the team.

Submitted by: Sherie Taylor, Riley County

http://gisapps.rileycountyks.gov/publicmaps/ select ISO RATING

This app allows insurance companies that use the ISO rating to determine the ISO rating of a property in Riley County. Properties within 1000' of a fire hydrant is rated as a Class 5, properties outside of 1000' of a fire hydrant but within 5 road miles of a 5Y rated fire station are a Class 5Y, properties within 5 road miles of just the May Day Fire Station are a Class 9 and properties outside of 5 road miles of any 5Y station or any road that is not gravel/paved or concrete is a Class 10.

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