Kansas Association of Mappers
Responsibilities of Standing Committees

(from KAM Standard Operating Procedure)

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In addition to duties and procedures governed by the KAM Constitution and Bylaws, the KAM Committees shall perform the duties outlined below.

a. All Committee Chairs

  1. Committee Chairs must submit pertinent information to the Secretary and Historian for official record.
  2. Must submit budgets for approval by February 15 of each calendar year to the Treasurer.

b. All Committee Members

  1. All Committee members must be KAM members in good standing.

Web Administrator

  1. Shall ensure all Committee lists and contact information are current and accurate.
  2. Shall maintain and update the KAM website as requested by the Executive Board and/or any other Committee.
  3. Maintain KAM Executive Board minutes on the website.
  4. Maintain the KAM Newsletters on the website.
  5. Work with Membership Committee and Board to maintain online membership database.
  6. Monitor gmail for emails, wufoo for forms filled out on the web, website in general for new members, event registrations, etc
  7. Ensure all items related to the Annual Conference are online including:
    1. Exhibitor Registration
    2. Attendee Registration (integrated with online membership database)
    3. Map Gallery submissions
    4. Call for Awards Nominations
    5. Call for Executive Board Nominations
    6. Registered Exhibitors
    7. General Schedule
    8. Schedule of Sessions
    9. Keynote Information
    10. Short Course Information
  8. Shall be responsible for maintaining the Domain Name Server (DNS) for the KAM website through godaddy.com in November of each year.
  9. Review the website monthly to ensure all information is up-to-date.
  10. Provide online membership form for new membership, renewals, and membership updates.
  11. Provide online registration for KAM sponsored educational courses.
  12. Allow for online payments.
  13. Work with Membership and Program Committee to provide Conference Management Firm an Excel spreadsheet of names and organizations for Annual Conference registration.
  14. Provide Conference Management Firm a list of registrants for conference that need to be marked as unpaid.
  15. Post and/or Email correspondence approved by President, such as job announcements, retirements, educational announcements, John Cowan Memorial Scholarship information, etc.
  16. Keep track of documents and post to the website for board member, committee member, and admin only pages. For any sensitive information, it should be posted on the admin only page and be PDF password protected as well.
  17. Work with Publication Committee to upload new / update existing publications, including guidelines for article submission and advertising.

Website Administrator Calendar:




  • Jan 1 - Beginning of new fiscal year
  • Post annual financial report on website
  • Acquire and post annual website advertising


  • Feb 1 – Insure that the website accounts (Wufoo and Wild Apricot) are updated with the new credit card numbers


  • Mar 15 – Spring newsletter release
  • Mar – Review website to ensure everything is up-to-date


  • Post John Cowan Memorial Scholarship awardee information on website


  • Jun - Open Annual Meeting (Conference) Awards on website
  • Jun – Open Annual Meeting (Conference) Call for Papers on website
  • Jun – Open Annual Meeting (Conference) Exhibitor registration on website
  • Jun – Open Annual Meeting (Conference) Map Gallery submissions on website
  • Jun 15 – Summer newsletter release


  • Jul – Open Executive Board nominations on website
  • Jul – Open Annual Meeting (Conference) Attendee registration on website


  • Aug 15 – Close Annual Meeting (Conference) Awards


  • Post Annual Meeting (Conference) general schedule, schedule of sessions, keynote information and short course information to the website.
  • Close Annual Meeting (Conference) registration
  • Sep 15 – Fall newsletter release


  • Oct – provide Conference Management Firm with Excel spreadsheet of names and organizations for Annual Meeting (Conference) registration.
  • Provide list of unpaid registrants for Annual Meeting (Conference) to the Conference Management Firm
  • Oct – Update KAM_BOARD and KAM_COMMITTEES groups on website and listserves
  • Oct – KAM website updated with Annual Meeting (Conference) Award winners, new Executive Board and committee members
  • Oct – update website permissions for new Executive Board members and new committee members


  • Website domain renewal


  • Dec 15 – Winter newsletter release
  • Dec 31 – End of fiscal year


  1. Description: This committee solicits nominations and determines the annual KAM awards.
  2. Duties
    1. Solicit nominations for outstanding KAM members and/or their projects.
      1. Call for nominations on KAM Website, by contacting the web administrator to send out an email to membership, in May of each year.
      2. Advertise in the KAM Newsletter.
    2. Review nominations and vote on award winners.
    3. Order awards – by August 31 of each year
    4. Present awards at annual conference.
    5. Write congratulatory article for the KAM newsletter.
    6. Notify the KAM Historian and Web Master of the winners.
  3. Types of Awards awarded at Annual Meeting (Conference):
    1. George Donatello Lifetime Achievement Award:
      1. This award will recognize a member (or retired member) who has made significant contributions to KAM and to the mapping community over a period of fifteen or more years. Examples of their contributions could include active service on the executive board and/or KAM committees together with making presentations, recruiting new members, writing articles for the newsletter or other KAM/mapping publications and working to promote the mission/objectives of the Association.
    2. Outstanding Mapping Project:
      1. This award will be presented to an agency that had a unique mapping project or has made the greatest progress toward improving their mapping programs during the past year. This may have been through automation of these programs or developing / improving techniques for managing land information or expanding the programs to include multiple users. The agency (public or private) must be a KAM member or have employees who are members.
    3. Prestigious Cartographer:
      1. This award will be presented to a member who has distinguished his or her self through their cartographic body of work, either during the past year or throughout their career. This could include: production of high quality maps exceeding specifications; usefulness of information contained within the maps; stimulating or innovative cartographic practices within their own jurisdiction.
    4. Most Valuable Member:
      1. This award will be presented to the KAM member who has made the most significant contributions to the Association during the past year. This may have been by increasing the membership, active participation as an elected officer or committee member, promotion of the Association through conferences and articles, or in other measurable ways advancing the mission and objectives of the Association.
  4. Determining Winners
    1. If the Awards Committee is less than 3 people, then the Executive Board shall also be included in voting for the winner.


  1. Description: This committee offers, proctors and grades the KM, PKM and KGISD designation tests.
  2. Duties
    1. Maintain Designation database along with digital document storage
      1. Is current membership in good standing;
      2. Has sent appropriate application fee
    2. Review applicant to determine if appropriate requirements have been met and sign off on application.
    3. Write Applicant letters:
      1. If approved
        1. Determine qualified proctor and exam location and time and send out appropriate Candidacy Approval Letter
        2. Determine date/location of test.
      2. If not approved, determine missing requirements and/or documentation and send out appropriate Candidacy Additional Requirements Letter.
    4. Exam:
      1. Remind proctor and designee one week prior to exam of location and time.
      2. Make arrangements for the appropriate exam to be delivered to the proctor with instructions on how to administer the exam and the appropriate grading procedures.
      3. Grade exam by two appropriate individuals.
      4. Archive graded exam in designees file.
      5. Maintain copies of Designation exams
      6. Email testing notices
    5. Notify designee orally of the outcome of their exam and send the appropriate response letter as follow-up
      1. If designee passed:
        1. Prepare and mail the appropriate certificate to designee.
        2. Designation Chair will present the appropriate pin and new designee gift at the annual KAM Conference.
    6. Make changes to the Designation Tests as necessary.
    7. Maintain Designation Certificates
    8. Prepare news releases for KAM designees
    9. Prepare/Order Designation awards
    10. Contact members who are not current with Designation maintenance fees and try to secure dues and fees
  3. Conference:
    1. Work with Program Committee and Conference Management Firm to create continuing education tracking sheets for conference.


  1. Description: This committee selects and coordinates educational classes and workshops to be sponsored by KAM.
  2. Duties

    1. Keep abreast of issues related to Kansas mapping and GIS.

    2. Suggest courses for KAM to sponsor to the Executive Board.

    3. Determine dates and locations of any courses.

    4. Find instructors to teach courses.

    5. Coordinate with instructors on attendee count, rosters, questions, etc.

    6. Coordinate with Web Administrator to maintain database of registered attendees.

    7. Work with Treasurer to invoice and follow up on payments for classes and workshops.

    8. Email confirmation of receipt of registration and coordinate with Treasurer for invoices.

    9. Arrange snacks/beverages for courses.

    10. Submit a final report to the Executive Board on outcomes of the course, including a final roster and balance due notices.


  1. Description: This committee gathers and archives any records related to KAM.
  2. Duties
    1. Take pictures at KAM events.
    2. Store pictures in appropriately safe place.
    3. Keep historical record of minutes, bylaws, Constitution and any other relevant documents.
    4. Display pictures and/or documents at the annual conference.
    5. Explore new methods of recording KAM history.
    6. Upload Photos to the KAM Photos member page.

Legislative – Standards

  1. Description: This committee takes note and researches any issues that may affect Kansas GIS or KAM members.
  2. Duties
    1. Monitor state and federal legislation that may apply to cadastral mapping, cartography or GIS.
    2. Monitor the creation and publication of standards relating to cadastral mapping, cartography or GIS.
    3. Alert KAM members to opportunities to participate in standards discussions.
    4. Alert KAM members to legislation that may impact cadastral mapping, cartography or GIS in order to allow them the opportunity to express their professional opinions to their legislators.
    5. Assist the KAM Board and KAM members in finding previous legislation and/or standards relevant to their concerns
    6. When appropriate and approved by the Board, represent KAM to legislators, standards-producing organizations and the Kansas GIS Policy Board.


  1. Description: This committee is responsible for recruiting new members and targeting individuals or groups that would benefit from KAM membership.
  2. Duties
    1. Create a map of current membership and/or work with web administrator to create one on the website.
    2. Communicate a professional KAM message to all areas when possible.
    3. Promote KAM to disciplines areas that may not be aware of KAM.
    4. Promote KAM by attending conferences, educational programs, and promotional opportunities for GIS or related professional fields.
    5. Work with Web Administrator to update and maintain membership online database and on the KAM website
    6. Send out new member Welcome Letters
    7. Prepare new member Certificates.
    8. Contact members that are not current with membership dues and try to secure future membership in the association.
    9. Insure that the KAM booth is in good condition, and maintain inventory of KAM materials given away at the booth – in July of every year, and at any other time if needed.
    10. Research pricing for KAM "swag" and other handouts, and recommend purchases to the Executive Board when supplies are low.


  1. See Bylaws Article X
  2. Description: This committee solicits nominations for the Executive Board and assists with Election-related activities.
  3. Duties
    1. Solicit nominations
      1. Call for nominations on KAM Website and work with web administrator to send email.
      2. Advertise in the KAM Newsletter.
      3. Prepare election ballots at conference.
    2. Assist the President and President-Elect in counting votes at the Annual Conference.


  1. Description: This Committee is by far the most active committee. It is responsible for the bulk of the Annual Conference. This Committee works especially closely with the Conference Management firm and the Web Administrator.
  2. Chair
    1. Duties
      1. Set meeting schedule, agendas and location for committee
      2. Solicit a volunteer for Secretary to record meeting minutes.
      3. Review previous conference survey results.
      4. Work with committee to pick a conference theme and logo.
      5. Work with Conference Management Firm to review hotel contract and obligations.
      6. Create budget spreadsheet
      7. Provide regular status updates to Board.
      8. Advertise conference with “Save the Date” and articles in Metes & Bounds newsletter and on website, working with the publication committee and web admin.
      9. Solicit member gift ideas
      10. Determine if there will be a Grand prize or any prizes and when those are raffled off.
      11. Work with Conference Management Firm on assembly and printing of conference program, work with all committees to assemble content.
      12. Order guest speaker gifts, if applicable.
  3. This Committee can be broken up into additional subcommittees.
    1. Duties for subcommittees
      1. Keynote Committee
        1. Select and book keynote speaker.
        2. Coordinate with speaker to make travel arrangements.
        3. Service as liaison between speaker and rest of the Program Committee.
      2. Education Sessions Committee
        1. Determine schedule for sessions.
        2. Determine and assign meeting rooms.
        3. Determine appropriate topics for sessions.
        4. Solicit presentations and speakers for both regular sessions and workshops.
        5. Obtain speakers bio and session descriptions for program.
        6. Work with conference hotel to determine daily room schedules and layout.
        7. Work with web admin to get specific details and times for workshops and sessions listed on website.
        8. Determine moderators for all sessions.
        9. Send out reminder emails to speakers with session date(s) and time(s).
        10. Send out reminder email to all workshop registrants including workshop title, location, and time along with any materials they need to bring.
      3. Exhibitor/Sponsorship Committee
        1. Review previous year’s conference Exhibitor/Sponsorship levels with Board.
        2. Solicit exhibitors to exhibit and/or sponsor at the annual conference.
        3. Promote conference sponsorships and solicit door prizes for vendor night.
        4. Maintain list of exhibitors and notify web admin so that they can be tracked on the website and fees recorded.
        5. Work with Treasurer to collect and track exhibit/sponsorship monies via the website.
        6. Construct email confirmation letters to paid exhibitors and send to web admin to send out.
        7. Work with conference hotel to determine layout of Exhibit Hall
        8. Arrive before exhibitor set up to insure room is set up correctly and place vendor signs on each table.
      4. Map Gallery
        1. Solicit participants for the Map Gallery
        2. Develop ballots for the Map Gallery
        3. Count ballots for the Map Gallery
        4. Acquire prizes, if desired, for the Map Gallery
      5. Entertainment/Social
        1. Solicit entertainment ideas.
        2. If necessary, contact and secure entertainment contracts.
  4. Work with web admin to get all hard copy registration entered for the annual conference
  5. Monitor and review online attendee registration with help from the web admin.
  6. Work with web admin to maintain a current conference database of registrants.
  7. Work with web admin to provide Conference Management Firm an Excel spreadsheet of names and organizations for Annual Conference registration.
  8. Work with web admin to provide Conference Management Firm a list of registrants for conference that need to be marked as unpaid.
  9. Assign a KAM representative to be responsible for conference registration and to be available during all registration times.


  1. Description: This Committee solicits edits and publishes articles in the KAM Newsletter. This committee also solicits advertising for the Newsletter.
  2. Duties:
    1. KAM distributes 4 Newsletters per calendar year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Target release dates are (Winter) Dec 15, (Spring) Mar 15, (Summer) Jun 15, and (Fall) Sep 15
    2. Call for articles email to be sent 1 month before target release date; article submission deadline is 2 weeks before release date.
    3. Write articles.
    4. Solicit advertising – submission deadline 2 weeks before release date.
    5. Design newsletter.
    6. Review newsletter – 1 week prior to release, proofread by send Publication Chair, advertisers, and KAM Board.
    7. Publish newsletter.
    8. Track and confirm advertisers for the quarterly newsletters.
    9. Secure ads for quarterly newsletter.
    10. Assist in maintaining website (advertising application, article submission and advertising guidelines)
    11. Change the passwords to social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – in January of each year.
    12. Post items in social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – as deemed necessary.
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