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Pre-Conference Workshops - Tuesday, October 16, 2018

NG911 Data Maintainer – Eileen Battles and Kristen Jordan

In the Kansas NG911 GIS Program, the Data Maintainer is the person who will be performing the actual maintenance of GIS data for the NG911 Program. Every PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) must have a certified Data Maintainer or have a maintenance contract with a vendor that has a certified Data Maintainer on staff. Those completing this class will be certified as Kansas NG911 Data Maintainers.

Topics to be covered: The role of GIS in NG911; an update on the status of the NG911 program in Kansas; the role of the Data Maintainer and the responsibilities that come with the position; the Kansas NG911 GIS Data Model and its requirements; the tools available to assist in data maintenance; and a discussion of GIS/MSAG/TN data alignment. During the Behind-the-Scenes of the NG911 Toolbox, we will go in-depth covering the details of certain tools and how they work and how users can leverage the tools to make their data life easier.

Eileen Battles is the Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC) Manager and has over 20 years of experience in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry. She plays an integral role in statewide GIS collaborative initiatives working with private, local, state, and federal government partners. She is a past President and Board Member of the Kansas Association of Mappers (KAM) and was awarded the Most Valuable Member Award in 2009 and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

Kristen grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, and graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with bachelor degrees in International Studies and Political Science. After beginning GIS at the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, she worked as the GIS Project Manager for Jefferson County, Kansas, for over five years. In early 2012, Kristen became a GIS Specialist/Developer with the Kansas Data Access and Support Center. She graduated with her MGIS through Pennsylvania State University in 2014.

Intro to Python - Lee Allen

In the class you will learn the basics of object-oriented programming as it relates to Python and basic principles and topics including: variables, expressions, statements, loops, strings, lists and others. Class exercises will be utilized to help you create code and begin to read Python. We will also discuss how these principles and topics relate to GIS, models, and automation of scripts. Please bring a device such as a laptop or tablet to participate in exercises. This is a hands-on course. Installation of ArcGIS is recommended but not necessary for this course.

Lee Allen, GISP is the GIS Coordinator at Shawnee County, KS. He has been working in the GIS field for about 14 years, supporting local government about 12 years. He has also been a frequent KAM Board member since 2008.

Precision Editing Techniques – Amy Roust and Tyler Fleming 

Ladies and gentlemen, you can improve your data. You have the technology. You have the capability to make your data better and more reliable, and you can do it faster. In this workshop, you will leverage basic geometry and multiple ArcGIS toolboxes to improve your data editing process. Our focus will be on plats, but the concepts and tools used can apply to any dataset. To start, we will apply the rules of geometry to real documents to identify time savers in your editing workflows. Next, we will dive into hands-on editing sessions to apply these techniques by digitizing a plat from Douglas County, Kansas. Time permitting, we will discuss methods for calculating the placement of section corners in lieu of GPSing every monument in your county. Reference handouts will be provided for use when you're back in the office.

Amy Roust is the senior GIS analyst for Douglas County, Kansas. She has both public and private sector experience supporting GIS clients in local government. Amy has an M.A. in Geography from the University of Missouri and earned her GIS Professional (GISP) certification in 2016.

Tyler Fleming is a GIS Analyst for Douglas County, Kansas.  In January 2012, after earning a B.S. in Geography/GIS, he began his career at Garmin in Olathe, KS.  A few years later, he joined the GIS team at Douglas County.  Now Tyler enjoys using GIS to support the local government.\

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro – Linda Sibert 

This class is designed for those just beginning to use ArcGIS Pro. You will learn the basics of created and sharing maps, converting existing ArcGIS mxd’s to ArcGIS Pro. And some tips and tricks I’ve learned by using this software almost exclusively for all my mapping projects over the last 2 years.

Linda Sibert has been involved in mapping and GIS for over 20 years, working in three different Kansas Counties and is currently the GIS Analyst in IT for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. In late 2016 KDA decided to move to ArcGIS Pro for most of our desktop mapping needs. Since then I have been using the software exclusively for all my map production, and have been responsible for teaching others in the department to use the software.

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