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The fundamental vision of the Kansas Association of Mappers is to provide opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences, address common problems and concerns, obtain advice and technical help through networking, participate in specialized training and education, and gain recognition as qualified and competent mapping and GIS professionals.

In support of this vision, KAM sponsors a Map Gallery during its annual conference. KAM members are strongly encouraged to submit samples of their best work and be recognized for them. At the end of the conference, awards will be given based on a popular vote of the membership: 1st - 3rd for the best printed masterpiece and 1st - 3rd for the best digital masterpiece. The winners will be presented an award trophy, recognized during the closing business meeting, and have their names added to the Awards Gallery on the KAM website. In addition, all entries submitted by October 1st will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.


To enter the Map Gallery, KAM members must submit an abstract through the KAM website. Abstracts will be displayed alongside the product when it is displayed in the Map Gallery. Participants should write a summary that showcases the award-worthiness of the product and its author. Details such as the time and effort expended as well as impact on the end users are encouraged.

Only KAM members in good standing are eligible to win prizes, but they need not attend the conference to enter.

Early Deadline: All entries received by 5:00 pm on October 1st will be entered in a raffle for a gift card. One raffle ticket per entry.

Hard Deadline: To be eligible for the popular vote contest, all Map Gallery entries must be received by the opening gavel of the annual business meeting on Wednesday, October 19th.

Participants may enter as many times as they choose, as the primary goal of the Map Gallery is to share ideas and recognize efforts. Multiple products in either category are permitted.

Printed Masterpiece Submissions

Anyone entering a printed map into the Map Gallery must provide a printed copy of submission to the Planning Committee no later than the opening gavel of the business meeting of the first day of the conference. Participants who will not be at the conference by this day and time may email the Planning Committee a digital copy of their map no later than the Friday before the conference so that there is adequate time for a committee member to print a copy for the gallery.

Digital Masterpiece Submissions

Participants in the digital masterpiece contest should supply a URL that is publicly accessible. Should that not be possible, the participant may submit screenshot(s) of the digital map product that illustrate the app’s typical uses. Web links (or screenshots) will be compiled on the KAM website, which will be projected on the wall for the duration of the Map Gallery.


Entries must be submitted by the individual author, developer, or team responsible for the creation and development of the original work. At no time is a participant allowed to use his/her entry to advertise or promote a product, service, or company.

By submitting maps, contestants agree that all work is original and has been independently produced. Any submissions that are not produced by the participant or that violate copyright, patent, or trade secret laws are ineligible. Any entry that does not comply will be disqualified.

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