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2017 KAM Newsletter and Website Advertising

  • 18 Jan 2017
  • 29 Dec 2017
  • Kansas


  • Sponsor a particular page of your company's choice on the KAM site. Only one company will be featured per page with this option. KAM will work with the company individually to finalize formatting and design.
  • Only four available. Company receives top billing on the newsletter and is included in the subject line like: "KAM Seasonal 2017 Newsletter: Sponsored by Company." Other company logos will still be represented in the newsletter.
  • Company logo is placed at the bottom of the website.
  • Company logo is placed at the bottom of the website and at the bottom of the newsletter

Registration is closed

The Kansas Association of Mappers (KAM) has several advertising options available for our newsletter and website. Our quarterly newsletters are emailed out to around 250 members and then publicly archived on our website. Website advertising typically takes place on our homepage, but options are available for advertising on other pages. All prices are annual except the quarterly newsletter sponsorship.

If you are interested in becoming a Commercial Subscribing Member (includes one annual KAM membership and a company logo in one newsletter for $45), please begin your membership here.

If an option or a price range that you are interested in is not present, please contact Kristen Jordan-Koenig at kristen@kgs.ku.edu to discuss further options. If you want to take advantage of multiple advertising options, please either register multiple times or email Kristen.

For newsletter advertising, logos are due by March 1. For website advertising, logos are due as soon as possible. Please email logos to kamappers@gmail.com.

All advertising options will include placement in the KAM "Thank You Sponsor" article that will run in the winter newsletter edition. This will be a combination of all sponsors from newsletter advertising and our annual conference. The format of that will be- 

Company name

Key contact name (optional)
Contact email (optional)
Phone Number (optional)

2-5 sentence company description

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