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IDs for Road Management

  • 24 Sep 2020 10:15 AM
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    What systems do people have in place for adding a unique ID to Roads. This isn't the NG911 stuff. More roads that track surface type, right of way, maintenance, city/county maintained, etc.

    I was thinking something similar to how the PIDs work, where each part stands for something. 052-183-02-0-00-08-001.01-0/CountyCode - Map# - Section - 1/4 Sec - Block - Parcel#

  • 25 Sep 2020 9:49 AM
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    I'll be presenting on our Statewide LRS at the next KAM Conference.  We use a RouteID that is unique to each "route" like 08510007000 where all the numbers have some meaning - 085 is a county number, 1 = interstate, 00070 = Highway number, the remaining zeros are for subclasses (like business, alternates, etc), cardinal direction (0, 1), and there are sometimes a couple extra unique IDs.  We assign these to every public road in the state and use Esri Roads and Highways to manage over 100 types of attributes like maintenance responsibility, pavement types, etc as events.  I look forward to showing our work in this area and potentially reaching out to public works departments and other road data maintainers to see how we might be able to collaborate and utilize our road network.

    Here is a link where the public can see some of the results of this in terms of roadway geometrics configurations.  


    These links show functional classification and maintenance responsibility:


    Anywhere you see the Route ID, that is our unique ID for the collection of segments that makes up the route.

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  • 28 Sep 2020 9:24 AM
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    Thanks Kyle. This will be a great lecture.

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