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  • 12 Mar 2018 1:50 PM
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    I had an adjacent county Appraiser contact me today regarding what we were to charge a certain company recently trying to obtain information for a proposed water line. Our conversation made me wonder if we were charging entirely too less for parcels data which is as a general rule 2 cents per parcel compared to his 17 cents.

    After our discussion we both agreed that it would be once again nice to know what everyone in the southeast region is charging for maps and data and what there general ideas around there prices were.

    So if anyone could share that would be great, I know it's all left to the county to decide and everyone has many ways of looking at it but it would also be nice to be somewhat in the same ballpark with everyone else.

    As for Wilson, I've attached out price sheet, however our prices haven't changed in probably 10 years or more but this is what we charge:

    paper maps: anywhere from $1 for regular paper to $20 for our largest this would be for lines only

    if I print aerials a small is $5 and goes up to $30

    I also charge if I email the maps, the price does not change. I do this because it takes time away from my work to create them a map, so the fee is printed or emailed, makes no difference.

    I have an ownership wall maps I charge $20 for, I also have an ownership map booklet that I sell for $20 as well.

    As for digital data, the general rule is $100 per layer with exception to parcels which we sell for 2 cents per parcel, if the entire county is purchased its just under $200, with this I include name/mailing/situs usually.

    Government and State agencies I do not charge.

    Cities within our county I will charge, and I do this because they have the ability to perform their own GIS work however when they choose not to but rather come to the county I see it's only fit to charge them. And I'm sure there are other ways of looking at that but that's how I feel.

    So yes, if I could hear some feedback..hopefully from our southeast regional counties that would be awesome!






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